“I’ve worked with Matt professionally for 5 years now and without a doubt he is one of the best producers I have shared studio time with. He is not only very skilled, with an ear and eye for detail, he is also patient, and professional in attitude. I have never worked with Matt and not come away with a less than stellar quality recording.”

Matt Dowson, Leeds College of Music, Craig Anthony Band, Session.

“As a musician, I try to get Matt involved with my projects as often as possible, because they instantly become much more interesting and exciting to work on. As an engineer, I am always learning something from him, because, quite honestly, Matt is one of the most knowledgeable people I know.”

Pat Luddy, Independent Musician and Engineer

“Me and Matt have worked together a few times now, and he has recently helped me with a University project. I had the idea, and he helped it become a reality. Without him, I really don’t know what I would have done. He helps me overcome my “Technophobia” and always works to a high standard. Very knowledgeable and also very patient. Will be working with him again in the near future for definite!”

Sinéad Livingston, Singer Songwriter

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